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Yves Bright


HometownLos Angeles, CA

Yves Bright was just four years old when his family moved to Los Angeles to escape the grips of a terrible war in Lebanon. Looking back the move seems predestined, as it was in LA that Yves began surfing at the age eight and discovered his lifelong love of the ocean.

“My parents took my two older brothers and I to Hermosa Beach on the weekends and I just started standing up on my boogie board one day . . . it felt completely natural. My family didn’t know the first thing about surfing. We didn’t even know which side to wax a board.” Yves begged his parents to buy him a surfboard for his 9th birthday and from that point on, he was hooked.

Yves started surfing his first competitions in his mid-teens and quickly found success, turning pro at age eighteen. His competitive nature was deeply rooted in his heart and he brought passion every time he stepped foot in the ocean. It was this passion that would lead him into other facets of the creative world.

yves bright surfing yves bright surfing

“I started modeling for my sponsors, which led to other modeling gigs, followed by work in television and film. My team manager once asked me what I was . . . a pro surfer, an actor or a model? I couldn’t understand the question at the time because I felt I was all those things and more, and that in life you shouldn't have to choose between your passions. You can be any and all of them if you put your heart and soul into it.”

yves bright surfing yves bright leeway camo yvew bright on beach

These days Yves is a surfer, actor, model, photographer, and an amazing father to two beautiful little groms. “I consider myself to be a student of life. Learning new things, trying my best, and living life to the fullest.”

You can see Yves surfing every morning before the sun comes up with his older brother Patrick, playing in the sand with his wife and kids on the weekends, and in numerous TV shows and films, as his acting resume continues to grow.

"Time is a luxury we are given, and should never be taken for granted. I make every effort to be positive, enjoy life’s moments and live by my personal motto ‘all good things’.”

yves bright swimming yves bright and his children yves bright surfing yves bright in water

All photography: Steven Lippman.