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Sean Davey


HometownNorth Shore, Oahu

Sean Davey is a veteran photographer of the surf publishing world with over three decades of experience and more than 140 magazine covers to his name.

Sean started shooting pictures way back in 1977. October the 20th at around about 4:00 in the afternoon, to be precise. He was a surf stoked grommet back then surfing the waves after school at his home beach. But on this particular afternoon, the waves were tiny but perfect and something inspired him to run home and grab the old Kodak instamatic camera that had been given to him years prior. Once back at the beach, he squeezed off just one frame of film and that was the beginning of what has been a life long obsession with photographing the sea. At that exact moment Sean knew he had found his life path.

Davey in 1978.

Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Sean developed a love for nature early on, particularly the beach. Something always drew him towards it. The smell of the salt in the air was always a source of joy to him as a child. As were the road-trips up the coast every weekend with his mates, pitching tents in the dark and waking up in the morning to pull back the tent flap to incredible new surfing lineups. He headed up to Sydney during the mid 80’s and soon established himself as a main player in the surf photography field dealing with magazines and a fast growing list of clients.

Over the years, Sean has built up his own stock photography business. He specializes in high quality water photography, in and under water. Much of his equipment is highly specialized. His travels have taken him far and wide pretty much all over the world, a fact reflected in his extensive photographic archive.

Davey at work Davey at work Davey at work

Sean remains passionate about all forms of photography, and also hand prints his own fine art canvas and prints with an emphasis on mural sized items. Serious art collectors keep Sean pretty busy, producing signed fine art prints of museum quality straight from his home studio on the north shore of Oahu.

You can also find out more about Sean and view his portfolio by visiting

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