Aulta Advocate

Mike Coots


HometownKilauea, Kauai

Mike Coots is a surfer, photographer, shark conservationist, and shark attack survivor. Born and raised on the island of Kauai, Mike’s love for the ocean began early. He lost his leg to a Tiger Shark right out of high school and found photography as a way to heal. It is now his profession. He is a fierce advocate for the protection of sharks, and helped draft Hawaii’s shark finning legislation, the first of state to do so. Mike has spoken to the U.S. Congress on federal protection bills and to the United Nations on the need for multi-country marine sanctuaries.

As an apex predator at the top of the food chain, sharks play an invaluable role to the health of our Oceans. They are the glue that binds biodiversity. Remove what’s at the top, and everything below will crumble. As around a hundred million sharks a year are killed, this unsustainable practice will have dire consequences in our seas. Extinction is forever.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys reaching out to other amputees and surfing with his prosthetic leg.

Coots surfing Coots from below Coots surfing Coots legs and shark Coots legs and shark Coots standing on beach Coots walking on beach Coots fishing Coots underwater Coots in cave Coots backlit resting on board Coots looking at fish

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