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HometownVentura, CA

Haole is an incredible eight-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever with a true passion for surfing. He resides in Ventura, California with his parents John and Kim Murphy and little brother Primo (also a yellow Lab).

As a puppy Haole was naturally drawn to the ocean but it was not until a few months shy of his fifth birthday that made the momentous decision to start surfing. John was coming in on a wave when Haole paddled out and attempted to get on the board. John wisely got the message and started to take Haole surfing, where he quickly discovered that Haole was a natural with incredible balance. In no time at all Haole became a regular on the dog surfing circuit and placed first in the 2013 Surf City Surf Dog Competition XL Dog division at Huntington Beach.

Haole surfing Haole portrait

Recently Haole’s primary focus has been giving back to the community through his involvement with A Walk On Water, a charitable organization that provides autistic and special needs children with the opportunity to experience the thrill of surfing. Haole’s calm, mild nature allows him to quickly connect with children and put them at ease in the water.

surfing with AWOW sitting with AWOW boards

Haole has the soul of an old surfer and brings happiness to the people he meets along the way. Recognized as an Emotional Support Dog and Canine Good Citizen, Haole is also proud to represent his hometown as the official Ambassadog for the city of Ventura where he will continue to surf and spread stoke for as long as his four legs will allow.

Haole surfing Haole surfing

Banner image: Trevor Pikhart.
Other photography: Jen Gregory (1–2), Catherine Gregory (3–4), Nathan Fagan (5), Erik Eiser (6).