Aulta Advocate

Clay Pollioni


HometownTom’s River, NJ

Born and raised in New Jersey, Clay Pollioni is a die-hard surfer and professional model. Big framed, soft-spoken, and calm in heavy situations, Clay exemplifies the blue-collar surf scene that shaped him. He inherited an artistic sensibility from his father, a great surfer in his own right, and finds the ocean a source of constant inspiration for his competitive spirit. It was Clay’s deeply held determination that lead him to Hawaii to further his career as a pro surfer, a chapter of Clay’s life that offered both incredible challenges and invaluable rewards. As a Ford model Clay has worked on campaigns for major companies including J Crew, H & M, Theory, and you can find his face featured on billboards in Time Square and around the world.

Clay pointing at his billboard in Times Square Clay surfing Clay surfing Clay surfing Clay walking with board Clay on skateboard Clay sitting on bench Clay at fruit stand Clay posing in Times Square Clay with Aulta tee shirt

Banner image: Ben Curr.
Other photography: Jack Reynolds (1, 6–10), Ben Curr (2–5).