Aulta Advocate

Ahanu Tson Dru

OccupationBig Wave Surfer


Maui based Ahanu is dedicated to keeping his close friends and family safe when the waves get big or the situation gets dangerous. Part of his mission is to promote safety awareness, create safety systems, and teach the youth how to look after each other.

“Big waves are my addiction, my passion and my obsession all in one. Luckily for me one of the best big wave paddle spots in the world (Peahi, Jaws) is right here on Maui in my backyard. I prepare physically, mentally and spiritually every season and live for those sessions when Mother Nature offers the biggest paddle in opportunities. The sensation I get riding those enormous barrels that come smoking through the West bowl at my home spot is beyond words. Someday I'll find my limit and take my foot of the peddle a bit, but for now I'm still looking for more.”