A Walk on Water in Texas

Marty Pomphrey

May 14, 2018

A Walk on Water in Texas

One of the most satisfying aspects of building AULTA are the brand partnerships that we have had the privilege to be involved with along the way. These relationships serve as both a mirror to what we stand for and a roadmap for where we want to go as a company.

From day one we aligned ourselves with A Walk On Water for the simplest of reasons: they share the joy of surfing with children and families who need that joy the most. Any surfer can recall with remarkable accuracy and intricate detail the first wave they ever caught. Gliding over water is the ultimate mind eraser, a kind of liquid therapy. One good wave has the power to wipe away all the stress and anxiety you bring into the water. And for a special needs child that release can be immeasurable, often impacting the entire family, as described by Nadine and Charles (parents of Christian and Christopher) of Malibu, CA:

“As parents of two special needs children, we strive to find happiness and success for our twin boys. We deal with the various daily challenges that life showers us with. However when we are at an A Walk On Water event, the world stops and we feel like it is a day to celebrate our children. At an A Walk on Water event, they greet us with open arms and our children are loved unconditionally. The world may be full of challenges and frustrations, but at an A Walk On Water event the only challenges the children face are the challenges they encounter out in the ocean catching waves alongside their surf instructors in a safe environment. Every wave is different, just like every child is different. Surfing provides so many benefits for our kids, it brings a sense of calm and happiness. It also builds their confidence and independence. Surfing benefits their body as well as their soul. Every member of AWOW guides them in this process. The pride kids feel when they catch a great wave is intrinsic and does not require any validation from the outside. But of course . . . everyone there on the beach will be their best cheerleaders and fans. We can see how relaxing, how exhilarating and how transforming this experience can be for our twin boys. Every AWOW staff plays an integral role: from the administrative role to the volunteers on the beach and the surf instructors in the water. It is a well-run program comprised of efficient members. AWOW is indeed ‘surf therapy’ . . . and AWOW truly heals.”
Steve Lippman and girl surfing Two AWOW volunteers surfing with two kids. Steve Lippman and girl surfing

Until this year all AWOW events had been held in coastal locations, but the advent of surf park technology has provided a unique opportunity to reach children that would previously have had no access to attend. NLand Surf Park, outside of Austin, Texas, is the first inland surf park in North America, and it's the closest thing to surfing you will find 200 miles from the ocean. So it just made sense to add NLand to the event schedule in 2018, which is where we found the AWOW crew on a cool day in April, enjoying some Texas hospitality, BBQ, waves, and smiles all around. I think it is safe to say that this is the start of something special.

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A Walk On Water volunteers and kids surfing AWOW volunteer group shot Steve Lippman and girl surfing

Photography: Trevor Pikhart.