Nicaragua Strike Mission

Abe Allouche

September 28, 2015

Abe jumping

A strike mission is pretty simple. First check the forecast to make sure the waves are still going to be good (swells have a tendency to not live up to hype). Then book a ticket 24–48 hours before your flight. If the reports are still sticking to the size, you’re safe to pull the trigger.

Abe on plane watch shot

Get to your destination early. Sleeping and eating are compromised, and you surf a ton.

greeting beach walking down stairs

My trip to Nicaragua had all the ingredients of a perfectly planned strike mission, and it played out better then expected.

surfing watchshot surfing surfing

I shared waves and laughs with amazing friends and made some new ones.

surfing surfing surfing

Four days of sun and fun reminds you just how life is suppose to be lived.

relaxing on beach

Banner image: Brian Scott.
Other photography: Tony Zacharek (3–8), Brian Scott (9–12).