A Walk On Water

Pancho Sullivan

August 02, 2015

A Walk on Water

From the moment I watched my first video link of an A Walk On Water event I knew I wanted to get involved. Being a surfer you’re inherently grateful for the joy the ocean brings you and the ways in which surfing changes your life. The desire to pass on that joy and give back resonates within my spirit as a surfer.

When my longtime friend Steven Lippman the Vice President of A Walk On Water reached out and invited Abe and I to attend the C-Street event in Ventura we were elated and immediately booked our trip. The DNA of Aulta as a brand was to inspire others to follow their passion and to get involved in things that make a difference. The group of volunteers and individuals who make up A Walk On Water are fantastic human beings who give from their hearts with no expectation in return. Each of them donates their time and money to allow these children and their families to take a break from the medical issues and the daily pressures so they may feel the joys of surfing. Their initiative is so pure and profound that our desire to support their efforts in any way we could was a natural fit.

Seeing a child with special needs and their families sharing waves together, and smiling from ear to ear, for me was better than any wave I have ever ridden in my life. To see how the experience and the healing powers of the ocean affected these families first hand was incredibly moving. To hear a child who is Autistic and non-verbal speak because they are so energized and having so much fun surfing takes you to the core of why you started surfing in the first place. It’s almost as if you can feel the joy coming through them. The waves were ideal and everyone of the families that showed up got out in the water and even though the day got cut short by an unexpected thunderstorm everyone had a great time. I can’t wait for the next event.

Get involved and follow A Walk On Water.

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