Samoa Trip 2015

Pancho Sullivan

June 16, 2015

surfing in Samoa

When Jack Johnson, a childhood friend of mine, called inviting me to celebrate his 40th birthday by going on a surf trip to Samoa my immediate reaction was “Hell Yeah”. Then, after re-entering my own body the realization that between work and family it would be a long shot and take a lot of convincing to make it happen. Fortunately my wife understands that she married a surfer who loves to travel and after getting her blessing and juggling work responsibilities, I locked in my spot at Salani Surf Resort.

Traveling somewhere you have never been to surf and explore is an amazing experience. There is something so raw about being out in the ocean in a foreign place, riding new waves and soaking up the local culture. Sharing that experience with a crew of friends you have know most of your life is all time. The peanut gallery showed up early and did a little overtime on this trip. If you pulled back on a wave, you got the pink jersey. Forgot to pack a bucket of beers on the evening surf session you got the pink jersey. It was non-stop heckling, but it was all done in fun. We shared some great waves on the trip, but surf travel is more than just the act of surfing. It’s about the experience as a whole. It’s the ability to take the time to collect your thoughts. We all know that life can be hectic and filled with our daily responsibilities and it reminds us that we all need time to feel carefree once in a while, like we did when we were kids. Reflecting on this past week I realized that this trip was more than celebrating getting older. It was about celebrating feeling young again. For a week we explored waterfalls and villages, heard amazing music, and laughed our asses off! It was an experience we will all remember and reflect back on as we go back home to our beautiful lives.

Happy 40th Jack. Now where’s that pink jersey?

tree climber surfing on the water sunset