101 Perfect Waves

Marty Pomphrey

April 19, 2016

Artist Hilton and mural

Every once in a while we get to highlight someone who is truly making a difference in the world. Through his 101 Perfect Waves project artist Hilton Alves is definitely leaving the world a better place, one mural at a time.

Hilton’s art is a reflection of the sea and waves that inspire him. Through his murals and community programs Hilton aims to inspire people to have a greater relationship with art and a deeper participation in environmental preservation. The 101 Perfect Waves project includes a world record mural depicting the famous Pipeline wave, which was completed in October 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Pipeline mural took approximately 150 gallons of paint to complete and covers a wall 5 floors high and 100 meters wide.

Hilton is currently in Los Angeles collaborating with local school children, the LAPD and community members to bring the beauty and calm of the ocean to underserved communities in the Los Angeles area. Art in education underscores the critical role the arts play in the students’ development of creativity, overall well-being and academic achievement. Hilton strongly believes that art can be a catalyst for change and his Sea In The City murals create a dialogue around the need to conserve and protect our oceans.

Hilton and shark mural Hilton with kids

Local community advocate Justine Makoff may have described the scene from last Friday best: “I could hardly contain this excitement when I presented the idea to the City community members. It was a simple vision of art, ocean, and community! But simple isn’t always easy. And now, here I stood, this past Friday, witnessing the ribbon cutting of our first Mural of the Sea at Holmes Elementary school. There stood the teachers, the children, the parents, the police officers, and school superintendents—a whole community witnessing the beauty and serenity of the sea among a concrete world that surrounds these children. I could almost feel the wind of Ohau against my face as I listened to the children’s laughter. It was something to behold.”

Kids from the school Kids, LAPD, community members Little boy receiving award from LAPD

You can find out more about Hilton Alves and the 101 Perfect Waves International Mural project by visiting Sea In the City and The Art of Hilton.